Five Fast Facts - Biking and Wellbeing

January 13, 2015



1. Cycling as a mode transportation meets recommended amounts of daily exercise

Stats Canada reports that 48% of Canadians are physically inactive, meaning they complete the equivalent of less than half an hour of walking per day, while another study finds that 41% of Albertans get recommended amounts of exercise per day. By cycling to and from work, school, or the grocery store for 30 minutes everyday, you will be meeting Health Canada’s suggested amount of daily exercise.


2. If you live near walking and cycling routes you are probably more active

A study evaluating new motor-traffic-free walking and cycling routes shows that people living near the routes were more physical active two years after the routes were installed compared to before the routes were installed.


3. Cycling improves your sleep

A study done by Stanford School of Medicine finds that when sedentary people suffering from insomnia began cycling for 20-30 minutes a day, the time required for the participants to fall asleep reduced by half, and their sleep time increased by an hour each night. 


4. Cycling as a mode of transportation helps you relieve stress

Studies measuring the effects cycling has on people’s emotions find that cycling helps to relieve stress and marks a transition between work and home life for cycling commuters.


5. The benefits of cycling are lower in environments with heavy automobile traffic

Studies have shown that in order to increase the emotional wellbeing of cycling for commuters, we need to create safe, relaxing cycling environments that can be used by commuters and not just recreational cyclists.


This blog post was written for Active Neighbourhoods and Sustainable Calgary. View the rest of the post at:



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