publications + presentations

How effective are community pedestrian safety training workshops? Short-term findings from a program in California

Barajas, Jesus M, Kate Beck et al.

Journal of Transport and Health, 2019

Workshop: Introduction to Crowdsourcing in Research

Beck, Kate

DLab, UC Berkeley, 2018 and 2019

Electric, Autonomous and Shared Vehicles’ Impacts on Public Health

Ragland, David, Kate Beck, Cynthia Armour 

PH 200k Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences Guest Lecture, 2019

Speed Humps on Steep Streets - SFMTA Study and Policy Amendment

Gabriel Ho, Kate Beck, Casey Hildreth

Institute for Transportation Engineers Western District Meeting, 2019

Addressing Demographic Disparities in Police-Reported Traffic Safety Data

Beck, Kate

MCP/MPH Thesis, University of California, Berkeley, 2018

Incorporating Health Equity in the Potential Third Crossing between San Francisco and Oakland: From Planning to Evaluation

Beck, Kate, et al.

Transportation Research Record, Washington, DC, 2018

Race and Income Disparities in Crowdsourced Safety Data

Barajas, Jesus M., Kate Beck, and Aditya Medury

International Cycling Safety Conference, Davis, CA, 2017


Smart Security? Evaluating Security Resiliency in the United States Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge

Beck, Kate

Transportation Research Record, 2017

Walking the Talk: Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Increase Underserved Communities' Capacity to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Fearer, Jaime, Kate Beck

Journal of Transport and Health 3(2), 2016

Sex, War and Naming the Victim: Female Agency in Sexual and Gender Based Violence: A New Approach to Transitional Justice Systems

Kate Beck and Kathryn Hutchins

Hemispheres - The Tufts University Journal of International Affairs, 2015

An Analysis of the effects of New York City’s quality of life campaigns and order-maintainance policing on the City’s commercial and illicit sex industries

Kate Beck

Trail Six - University of British Columbia's Undergraduate Journal of Geography, 2015

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