February 22, 2015




1. Our aging population needs better sidewalks and crosswalks


In this podcast David Foot, an economist and demographer at University of Toronto, addresses the need for longer pedestrian lights at crosswalks for older people who walk more slowly and tapered sidewalk...

February 6, 2015


1. Commuting affects the shape and quality of our social networks


study done in 2009 in Switzerland found that people who commute longer distances to work tend to have friends that live farther away from one another. This tends to mean these individuals’ friends...

January 13, 2015



1. Cycling as a mode transportation meets recommended amounts of daily exercise

Stats Canada reports that 48% of Canadians are physically inactive, meaning they complete the equivalent of less than half an hour of walking per day, while another study finds that...

January 5, 2015

photo courtesy of Mark Dreger from San Francisco-ize


What is an Active Neighbourhood? Opinion Piece 3/3


The average Canadian spends 51 minutes each day on our streets commuting to and from work. The average Canadian also goes grocery shopping 2.2 times per week, drivin...

January 2, 2015

What is an Active Neighbourhood? Opinion Piece 2/3


In my last blog post, I defined "active neighbourhood" as a neighbourhood that promotes physical activity, community involvement and encourages living, and not simply living in confined little boxes, but living within...

December 29, 2014


What is an Active Neighbourhood? Opinion Piece 1/3


For the last few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about streets and places. I’ve been thinking about why we enjoy spending time in some places but not in others, and why we care more about some streets more than others...

September 26, 2014

While Calgary enjoys the last vestiges of hot summer weather, I’m taking a look back at the top five coolest community and design interventions I saw whilst biking around this summer.


This post was written for Active Neighbourhoods and Sustainable Calgary. View th...

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